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Crème de la DevOps: Becoming a Rockstar DevOps consultant

This post is not about becoming a Terraform Wizard or a AWS Gold Jacket holder.

This is also not about rising to the top of one of the Big Four, working 80 hours a week and losing your technical touch.

This post if about excelling in the place beyond the pines, where technical excellence meets difficult customers with rigid requirements and mountains of red tape.

Short and sweet

The idea behind this post is to encourage anyone at any stage of their journey to consider sharpening the less intuitive tools of their DevOps Consulting prowess.

If you’re a people person, possibly rising into a senior or management role and find yourself losing sight of the implementation details of your grand architectural visions then it might be time get your hands dirty, read some docs and deploy some proof of concepts. Bang out an Apache Airflow POC to understand that one product team better, spin up a Hashicorp Nomad cluster and see what that’s all about or try implementing that cool concept you saw at a convention.

If you’ve been downing certs and grinding away at your own helm charts or terraform modules then it might be time to read a book about negotiation, diving into the Minto principle or trying your hand at some technical sales to bring in a new project you or your team might need. Just to push out of that comfort zone again, jump in the cold water and swim.

I can guarantee it will not be time wasted.