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Full Stack Necessity

No one will engage with a raw backend (so I need to learn fullstack to show my ideas)

As I’ve been trying to build out ideas and side-hustles I’ve always hit a hard wall when it comes to putting my ideas out there.

As someone more well versed in backend and DevOps than frontend and full stack development it’s hard to showcase ideas because they live in code and on the commmand line.

Finally the conclusion has come that I need to be able to build some sort of simple websites so that I can quickly iterate on and publish my ideas.

With the power of fullstack, I will be able to quickly put an idea out there, post it on hackernews or somewhere and validate it.

My backends are decently solid but users need something to click and land on. Here is the beginning of that journey.

Javascript Foundation

The idea is the start learning some of the basics again, no point in learning a framework and trying to hobble along learning JS on the way.

the MDN Mozilla Developer resources are the best place to learn about this, including getting a good start on javascript.

Frameworks, frameworks frameworks.

React, Vue, Angular etc are all too hard for me at the moment. The consensus online is that if you don’t need a job in fullstack, you are better off learning Svelte/Kit as it seems to be a pleasure to code in.

I will start by doing the tutorial on their website and then probably buy the course from Fireship as its hard to find YouTube videos that build a full website with SvelteKit (and I learn best via YouTube videos).

So after the MDN Javascript stuff I will head here ->

Then I will do this course ->


Hopefully I will have enough ammo to build something basic after this.

LG, Saul